Avery’s – Altered


Nostalgia; It floods your system in the moments you take to look around the shop. You can’t shake the feeling of having walked into someone’s home. Tucked away in the corner of Village Square in Summerlin, sits a gem of coffee culture born here in Las Vegas. Avery’s Coffee Roasters, a locally-owned and operated roaster and espresso bar, continually offers coffee and community as it did at its opening in 2012. Sherman and Linda Ray, a husband and wife duo, maintain the operations of the coffee shop to keep the business close to the family. And with that, Avery’s Coffee Roasters maintains itself as a company built to nurture that sense of family in its community.

The interior houses bookshelves, artwork and pictures upon the walls, and knickknacks that all contribute to the character that this establishment portrays. The feel comes from seeing the owners working the counter, drooling over the desserts in the display case, and engaging in conversation with both Sherman and Linda. Because of this, it is apparent from the moment of entering Avery’s Coffee Roasters, that everyone is welcomed.

Rarely, in coffee establishments around the valley, do the owners take as much of an interest in their product and environment as the Ray’s do. They are open about the sources they buy from for their coffee, and take care to roast it themselves in-house. Taking part in the Avery’s Coffee Roasters experience as a customer has no parallel to any other third wave competitor. Though not nearly as large, or as popular, this coffeehouse can hold its own.

Doubling as a café, Avery’s offers both a breakfast and lunch menu, all which Sherman Ray cooks, himself. As I proposed conversation to current patrons I was met with a nod to the Jerk Chicken Omelet. I was not disappointed; the flavors were bold, the omelet was cooked to perfection, and every bite became more inviting. Avery’s menu offers beverages and foods to service everyone’s tastes. I ordered a Sumatran Café Au Lait that was smooth, light, and clearly brewed with care. The taste did not lash the tongue with bitterness or acidity.

Because of the undeniable quality that Avery’s Coffee Roasters offers, it is sure to delight anyone that walks in to through its doors. They create an atmosphere of community, and cultivate the coffee culture that is slowly growing here in Las Vegas. Having found this location was an incredible addition to the list of favorite roasters in town.

Have you made your way over to Avery’s Coffee Roasters? If so, leave your experience in the comments section and share your story! And remember travel local and drink good coffee – Coffee Wayfarer


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