The fiercest new competitor to enter into the realm of coffee here in the Downtown Las Vegas (DTLV) area, has nestled itself in the heart of the Arts District as the hippest coffeebar in town. Vesta Coffee Roasters opened in the summer of 2016, and brought to life a section of DTLV that was thought to be a dead-zone. Owner Jerad Howard took his hobby of coffee brewing and set it on the big stage to create a better coffee hangout for the Las Vegas area. And a big stage it is indeed; Vesta’s new home is refurbished from a historic, and beautiful, 2600-square-foot building native to the downtown Arts District.  This serenity and balance of coffee is what makes Vesta Coffee Roasters a force to be reckoned with.

Facing astonishing competitors in the DTLV area (namely PublicUs and Maker’s & Finders), Vesta’s strategically sneaky move to plant themselves in that territory, contributes to a great portion of their successes. With the creation of Vesta, there has been an increased prevalence of a coffee community within Las Vegas. Though concentrated mainly in downtown, the growth of the third wave coffee movement in Nevada is unprecedented and largely welcome (judging by the overwhelming popularity of locals enjoying these establishments).

Like its competitor, PublicUs, Vesta looks at the world through a wall of paned-glass windows. However, their interior styles are vastly different from one another. Vesta’s continuous and spacious room is all-level, their focus in having plenty of space intuitively brought people closer together. In comparison to the vibe of Mothership Coffee Roasters, Vesta (though large) is intimate. The menu is simplistic, offering the barebones of coffee with slight variation in their specials, and a bite to eat for everyone’s palate. As a recommendation, the Macadamia/Almond latte (unsweetened) is divine! Vesta’s strive for quality shines through every mug, as if each barista put a piece of themselves into the work that they serve. The coffee is expertly suited for the milder tastes of individuals, who aren’t keen on thick and heavy coffees. Vesta Coffee Roasters keeps a mellow flavor profile to invite those in who aren’t sure of the flavor, and keep those who already have an appetite for the concoction.

Owner Jerad Howard Roasting Coffee

The only secret of Vesta is their recipe for excellence. You can witness everything they do, including in-house roasting, because they keep their roaster in the open space of the coffeehouse, and it makes everyone feel a part of the process. Las Vegas has been graced with the presence of quality coffee, and the continuation of growth in this community can only mean bigger and brighter things for the quality of life, here in Sin City. The need for a cultured community has long plagued Las Vegas because of its staple in being a commuter town. Good coffee gives people reason to stay.

I encourage you to go and try Vesta Coffee Roasters, and be sure to tell of your experience here on Coffee Wayfarer! Thanks again for reading!

Travel locally and drink good coffee! – Coffee Wayfarer


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