Makers & Finders


You breathe in, and your lungs are filled with aromatics of a fresh brew. Your nostrils tingle at the exposure to Latin spices that traipse in from the kitchen. No matter whether this is your first, or hundredth, time at Makers & Finders, the experience will always feel new. They are located in the Arts District of Downtown Las Vegas (DTLV); this is known to be the quieter section of the downtown neighborhood, and a perfect setting for those who love a peaceful, early morning. Makers & Finders prides itself as the first Urban coffee bar in the DTLV area, as well as servers of exceptional and authentic Latin comfort foods, and boasts an atmosphere of positive affirmations – key to an incomparable work-space.

“Welcome! Bar or social table?” The barista chimes in, wearing a dark blue button-down with a pattern of fish swimming along its entirety.

You make your way to a picnic-style metal chair and park yourself at a seat of your choosing. The natural light pouring in from the east illuminates the urban artwork on the walls; their bright colors pairing well with the uplifting vibe of the coffeebar.

This time a smiling face of a waiter greets you with a menu in hand and offers you water. It’s breakfast, the room is humming softly with the sounds of early-risers and the occasional clink of a coffee mug. Opening their doors in the peak of the morning at 7am, Makers & Finders provides a comfortable atmosphere to start the day. Looking to the first side of the menu, it features their entire selection of beverages: lattes, coffee, tea, and caffé.

Processed with Rookie Cam
Coconut Turmeric Latte

I encourage you to turn your attention to the Lattes – especially if you are not of the adventurous sort. This menu will embolden you to embrace the flavors that are wildly creative in their simplicity. My personal favorite, the Coconut Turmeric Latte, is an burst of flavor that coats your taste buds. With only homemade coconut syrup, cinnamon, espresso, and turmeric swirling together, this concoction of four ingredients leads to sighs of contentment.

Processed with Rookie Cam
Chicken Tinga Empanadas

With the spices in the air still tickling your nose, you flip the menu over to discover the array of Latin comfort foods that gives Makers & Finders their special touch. Gluten free and vegetarian options are scattered all along the page so that no one needs to go hungry. And much like their flavor-filled coffee, the food satisfies the soul. From arepas and empanadas, to simple bagels and sandwiches, there is plenty of variety to start your morning or early afternoon. Now, don’t wait too long! Makers & Finders closes their doors at 4pm – a continuing trend in the DTLV area. It is also important to note that Makers & Finders hosts a specialty Sunday brunch, consistent with a unique menu, and only from 10am – 3pm.

There is much to love and explore in Downtown Las Vegas, and if you haven’t taken any recommendations yet, I highly urge you to try Makers & Finders.

Travel local, and drink good coffee! – Coffee Wayfarer


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