pour coffeehouse (yes, their name is lowercase) is a sweet little coffee shop on Eastern Avenue and Pama Lane. It is a perfect stop for a morning breakfast or brunch; with a complete food and beverage menu, there is certainly something for everyone. As you step inside, the atmosphere is generally quiet – with indie music softly playing in the background. Most of the walls are a plain white or a pale green, allowing for the perfect contrast and emphasis on the displayed artwork. This eclectic mixture of posters and paintings give life to the interior of the room, and present themselves as conversational pieces for those who sit down and stay awhile. Sitting indoors, pour’s offering of natural light coming in from the windows look out to Sunset Park, providing contentment and a charming environment to start your day.


Grabbing its vibe from coffeehouses that are commonly seen around Los Angeles, pour coffeehouse brings that clean and vibrant aesthetic to Las Vegas: intimate (yet open) spaces, sunshine bouncing around the room to illuminate a plethora of dynamic colors, and the strong presence of coffee-brewing aromatics.

Their coffee menu is largely comprised of classic-style coffees: Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Pour-over, etcetera. For the first-time coffee adventurer this may seem mildly daunting and cause some hesitation. Never fear! Pour offers additional, less coffee-tasting drinks that are either iced or ice-blended, and the baristas are always willing to customize a latte for you if you’re interested in something hot. All you need to do is ask. Every time I have had the pleasure of walking into pour coffeehouse, no mater the moment, the barista is kind enough to walk me through their current blends of coffee, and tell me what their prevailing favorite is from the menu.


What makes pour coffeehouse additionally unique is that they host events at their establishment, and they keep their calendar consistently updated so that anyone who is interested can be involved. Their most recent event having been a “Rhythm Rhyme & Brunch” where a local musician comes and plays live music in the shop. pour coffeehouse is also known to interact with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in offering dedicated time, space, and coffee to the college students as a feature event. Their versatility, for being a modest coffeehouse, has a considerable reach to many in the community. The investment into creating a spot that houses multipurpose affairs is what primarily caught my interest in making pour a regular hang.

Overall, if you’re looking for a great place to start your morning with quality coffee, or engage in offbeat community happenings, look no further. pour coffeehouse is centrally located to just about everything in or near Las Vegas, and therefore makes them easily accessible to anyone who wants to visit.

Feel free to share any experience or questions you have about pour coffeehouse. I’d love to hear them!

Thanks again for reading on where to travel local and drink good coffee! – Coffee Wayfarer



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