PublicUs, a canteen-style neighborhood restaurant, is also a popular Downtown Las Vegas (DTLV) coffeebar. Set in the surrounding lights and sparkle of Fremont, you’re immediately drawn to the large pane-glass windows encasing the entire establishment. As you enter the doors you’re transported into another world that doesn’t represent much of a traditional coffeehouse. The space is comfortable, creative, and offers as the perfect escape from the glitz of Las Vegas.

With a modern wood-laden interior with of plenty of seating space, a central counter, and picnic-style tables with benches, this place feels more like an outdoor adventure than a restaurant. As you grab a paper menu and take a seat, you find yourself underneath real trees that have been grown through a hole carved in the middle of the benches. Hanging on the northeastern wall is a giant sculpture of a topographic map of the world.

Throughout the restaurant there is a sense of relaxation. Everyone who works here comes across as friendly, helpful, and genuinely intuitive about what they serve. Because PublicUs doesn’t have many of the distinct characteristics of a typical coffee place, people often find it surprising that the establishment does indeed serve a variety of traditional coffees.  Ultimately, what PublicUs offers in terms of what they do with that java is quite unique.

Their “coffeebar” menu is much the same as at any other coffee-place you are accustomed to seeing. However, as you peruse the options, you’ll glance over “PublicUs Specials”, and this is where the magic happens. Their specials, by means of coffee, feature my personal favorite: an espresso old fashioned. Inspired by the traditional alcoholic Old-Fashioned, this espresso twist has a flair of its own. With orange, aromatic bitters, muddled Bordeaux cherries, and a shot of espresso over a sphere of ice, it serves as one of their most popular drinks.

PublicUS – Espresso Old-Fashioned

Another very intriguing creation is their “Cannon”, an iced-coffee “soda” with lime. When the barista brings it out, it’s often mistaken much for an iced tea, but the flavor is nothing short of fascinating. The carbonation is added to the regular coffee, and the result is a resemblance of sparkling water a la café.

PublicUs is open from 7am to 7pm, which may seem like great hours, but it is important to know that their kitchen closes at 3pm – a trope amongst many of the eateries downtown. They are, however, the coffeebar that is open the longest in the DTLV district! Therefore, if you are a student looking for a new place to study, plenty of workspace is provided, and the staff encourages the prolonged usage of their space by patrons.

Have you guys experienced PublicUs? What was your experience like? Did you find any drinks or treats that you fell in love with? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences, as well as any of your favorites here in the comments! Remember, travel locally, and drink good coffee. Cheers! – Coffee Wayfarer.


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