There is nothing better to douse the sunrise with than coffee.” – Sunrise Coffee Shop board

Truffleberry Latte

Sitting only five miles away from the University campus, this coffeehouse is a local hotspot for the UNLV college crowd. However, Sunrise welcomes anyone who is looking for a sense of community surrounding excellent coffee. In 2008, husband and wife team Juanny Romero and Joshua Walter, opened this third wave coffee shop on Sunset Road and named it “Sunrise.”

With plenty of comfortable seating, efficient Wi-Fi, and their house-made Mothership coffee brewing from 6am to 9pm, Sunrise Coffee makes for the perfect setup. The establishment offers a wide variety of both coffee and tea lattes, so there’s a flavor for every palate. Unlike her counterpart, Mothership, Sunrise strives to keep in line with the tastes that the people of Las Vegas are generally accustomed to when drinking java. This may make them seem like Starbucks in many respects, but their higher quality is proven through their coffee.

Baristas here are always friendly, and as the website claims them: “genuinely well adjusted”. They take the time to know your name even if you aren’t a regular, and they continually engage with their customers in conversation to make them feel welcome.

Looking more like a lounge than a café, Sunrise invites people to spend their time there for longer periods. Reasonable prices for a higher-quality experience lets people purchase multiple drinks and vegetarian food items in one sitting.

Vegan Coconut Yogurt Parfait

Pieces of art upon the wall delicately add life to the plain white walls, as does a single photo that hangs on the right side of the room – Michelle Obama ordering coffee.

And if that wasn’t enough to convince you of how cool this shop is, I don’t know what would be.

Having lived in Vegas all my life, it wasn’t until about a year ago (when I met my partner) that I would discover this place for myself. I was a typical member of this society who was satisfied with Starbucks being the cream of the crop of coffee. As I become more involved in the community here in Las Vegas, I’m learning of all sorts of local business that are just waiting to be explored, loved, and supported. Sunrise Coffee is a perfect example of a local business that has gained all the necessary ingredients to survive in this desert. Once the community has their minds changed on the idea of a local hangout, they will flock to it together. Millennials, specifically, often want something more from their community, and Sunrise captures that desire. So, whether you’re a connoisseur, or someone who really can’t give up frappuccinos, there is something for everyone in this native find.

Hopefully this has inspired you to consider travelling locally and to drink good coffee.

Many thanks for the wonderful contribution to our society goes to the owners of Sunrise Coffee; without the two of you, there may never have been the spark ignited in so many to create and enjoy a sense of community here in Las Vegas.


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