About a year ago, I was introduced to coffee culture in Nevada – in thanks to my partner. The very first place we went together, is the coffee shop I still hold most dear. Mothership Coffee and Roasters, in my opinion, is the best place to start anyone’s coffee-seeking adventure; being that the establishment prides itself on providing an educational experience for those who are new to the substance altogether.

This delight is claimed by the Henderson community of Las Vegas, and made its debut in 2015. Mothership settles in the oldest Green Valley shopping center on Sunset, and Green Valley Parkway, nestled between a piano store and an antique shoppe. Walking into here is like transporting yourself into a different world that doesn’t represent Vegas in the slightest.


Owner and creator, Joshua Walters, built Mothership in response to his premier coffeehouse, Sunrise Coffee, because he wanted to be his own micro-roaster. Josh is a Nevada native who saw the lack of a good coffee scene in his hometown, and decided to take it upon himself to change it. After creating the hub for coffee back in 2008, his expansion into developing his own flavors for his coffee was the catalyst of a revolution that Las Vegas didn’t know.

Mothership is, therefore, housed as an independent roaster, a farm-to-table bakery, and a sense of community that was nonexistent in the Las Vegas area since the city’s conception, every day from 7AM to 6PM.

Processed with Rookie Cam
Me.. Reading. (In front of the Mothership mural)

For those who are proficient in coffee culture, and those who have no idea that a classic macchiato is served traditionally in a 3oz cup, Mothership captivates all. From the mosaic-tiled white floor, the bright mural painted on the southern wall – opposite a deep blue-black counterpart, to the aromatics that fill the air, everyone finds something to love. As you come in, you’re greeted by the bustle of baristas, and the musical of coffee brewing. Looking upon the darker wall you witness a total of ten wooden planks, divided into two columns of five, with delicately painted words in white on the first four of each column: Espresso, Macchiato, Cappuccino, Latte, Drip Daily, Manual, Nitro Brew, and a Mocha are what your eyes will read, and consequently all you choose from – This is their classic menu. The coffee is entirely their own, and all flavors are tied together in harmony – no matter the brew of your choice.

Mothership Menu Boards

Stepping into Mothership Coffee allows native Las Vegans to be immersed in the kinds of culture that people in places like San Francisco and Los Angeles breathe in their daily lives. The revolutionary creation that Mothership has been, for the Las Vegas area, has continued to spark the same love and interest in other businesses around the valley, most notably in the Downtown area of the city.

Thanks to Mothership, I am one of the many who have relished in the art of being able to travel locally and drink excellent coffee.


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